Tips for Choosing the Best Energy Efficient Windows

Generally, Windows is the only place of your house which lets the light flows in your home abundantly. The flowing lights lighten your moods. However, insulation problems can make your rooms colder and can spike the electricity bill. Therefore, the most common reason for you to change the old windows is to make them more energy efficient. The experts of windows installation Toronto assure you that there are many energy efficient models available in the market. You just need to make up your mind and choose the model that is right for your home. Here is a list of tips to help you choose the most energy-saving window.

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Wood: This is the most popular material for window frames. You can paint the frames according to the color of your room. The wooden frames are very easy to maintain. The problem, however, is the rot and insect attack. The experts of windows installation Toronto suggest you to cover the wooden frame with aluminum or vinyl to make them last longer. These frames are costly, but they give the inside and outside of your home a posh look.

Vinyl: These have the best moisture resistant quality. If insulated, vinyl frames can be as energy efficient as the wooden frame. These frames are also very low maintenance, but they tend to fade over time. The darker vinyl fade easily, they can also get brittle as the time passes. You can make the dullness of the frame go away with the help of soft scrub cleanser. The price of the vinyl frames is also lower than the wooden frame.

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Aluminum: As these windows conduct heat they are not that energy efficient. These windows are prone to moisture issues and can cause the windows to frost. However, the experts of windows installation Toronto suggest that these frames are strongest and cheapest one that you can buy from the market.

Fiberglass: Some manufacturers are now offering fiberglass windows as an alternative to wood or vinyl. These windows, however, are high maintenance. You need to paint the windows from time to time to maintain the quality. These are much more costly than the vinyl window.

Composite: These windows look just like woods. Most of the manufacturer finishes these windows in a host of colors. However, the experts of windows installation Toronto warn you that you might not like the look of the composite window inside your room. To solve this problem, the manufacturers now use the composite material on the outside of the window and wood on the inside. The cost of this type of window is almost the same as the vinyl window.

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Other Important Issues

  • Always choose low-E coating for the glass of the window.
  • The awning and the casement windows are the most energy efficient.
  • Choose the window which has multiple panes of glasses which are separated by low-conductive argon or krypton.
  • Gasket type window is the most efficient type which can keep the rain and cold air out of the room and keep the warm air locked inside the room.
  • Choose the windows which have low U-values.

You need to always remember that the weather varies according to the region. Thus, you need to consult a local retailer who knows the climatic problems of that area and advice you on the best window type. However, these tips are given by the experts of windows installation Toronto will help you to make an informed decision about the windows of your home.

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