Steps to follow if you are going to buy a new condo

Eglinton Notting Hill Condos are new kind of living spaces. These are very similar to the apartments but can be sold independently. This article is a guide for those who want to buy a new condo. Here are few tips related to that.

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Prepare your team

It’s very obvious that if a person is going to buy a house then he must contact a real estate agent and he will take that agent with him when he will go see the property. But, most of us do not know that the agent is not the only person required there. You need to take a lawyer too with yourself. This will help you in getting some professional guidance. In case you are taking some loan from the bank then the bank itself will provide a lawyer to you.

Do your research

Now, that your team is ready, go for house hunting. Eglinton Notting Hill Condos are new kind of property. They do not always meet the expectation of the buyers. So, before you go for buying it, do a research about the popular areas where good condos are available. You can either read reviews, as there are many available on the internet.

Payment procedures

There are a few steps in which the payment is done. If you like any of the Eglinton Notting Hill Condos, you can pay some amount to secure it for you. By paying the money you have made that condo reserved for yourself for some time. At first, you can pay the 1/4th of the total price. Remember that if you are not paying the second installment of yours within a month then you will probably lose the money you paid before and also your booked condo. Before your bank starts paying for you, you have to do the down payment. This down payment can be of 15 percent or 45 percent of the total money. On the purchase of your 1st property, you are allowed to take a loan of 80 percent. For more loan related details you can contact your bank anytime.

eglinton notting hill condos

Additional payments

Apart from the loan and other stuff, there are a few more fees that you will have to pay. The first in this list is BSD which means buyer’s stamp duty. This is a compulsory fee if you are buying a property in Singapore. There is a different fee for different people depending on their job.

Design the space according to your choices

After all the payments and other formalities are done, the time comes to collect the keys to your new house. After you have got the keys, it’s time to do a makeover of your place according to your choice and interest. Till the renovations are going on you will have to stay at your previous place only or you have emptied that place then you will have to find a place on rent for some time.

So, these were few of the steps that will guide you in buying a new condo for yourself. If you really want to own a condo then you must check the Eglinton Notting Hill Condos, which is a new condo town. They have some really good properties with them.

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